Our lessons are structured so you learn music fundamentals through the songs you love.

Before we start teaching we discover the student's favorite musical genre and style, so we can focus on the right songs for their level.  Then we work on song after song, teaching each fundamental building block at that magic moment when the student needs it to tackle the song. The student earns the amazing feeling of satisfaction and achievement from learning a song they’ve always wanted to play, and gains confidence from knowing that this new learning can be applied to even more songs!

A typical lesson might include rhythm exercises, reading exercises, correct

posture and how to hold your instrument the right way.  Here are some more

specifics by instrument:



Students begin playing on the black keys, learning the fingerings of familiar tunes and developing their rhythmic understanding before moving on to playing in different positions on the white keys while learning note names and reading music notation.



With In Tune’s own Play Guitar! curriculum, students start with basic chords and strumming patterns, learn how to read chord charts and tab, and soon move on to reading music notation, all while tackling classic songs along with their favorites.



With In Tune’s own Play Ukulele! curriculum, students start with basic chords and strumming patterns, learn how to read chord charts and tab, while learning to sing their favorite songs.



Students learn to read tab and music notation while mastering bass lines, chord arpeggios, while learning classic and new songs.



Beginning students start with rhythmic studies using hands only, before moving on to the full drum set.  Students learn to read music notation while tackling their favorite songs.



Proper warm up and care of the voice is stressed in these lessons, where students learn how to develop proper pitch and timbre while developing their tonality, range and strength.



The ability to fluidly play with good bow and fingerboard technique, while producing a beautiful tone, is the cornerstone of our violin, viola and cello lessons.



Proper embouchure, breathing, and tone production is stressed here as students learn their scales, develop their range and learn songs and build their repertoire.



We are offering online lessons using the Zoom platform this spring and summer. Once you are signed up your teacher will share a link with you for your lesson. Simply click on the link and your lesson will begin.


We are excited to reopen for in-person lessons on May 3rd. The safety and comfort of our students and teachers remain our top priority. With that in mind, we will have important safety measures in place, including HEPA-13 air filters, social distancing, masks, and a limited rollout. All in-person teachers will be fully vaccinated.


July 12-16, 10-11 am 

August 16-20, 10-11 am

This class will turn you from guitar zero to hero in one week! Recommended for beginners who want to to kick-start their guitar playing while learning their favorite songs! We'll teach you basic chords and riffs, help you develop your strumming and picking, and learn to understand chord charts, tab and music notation.


You will learn how to master songs off of YouTube using your own eyes and ears and our simple four-step roadmap. We will tackle the three elements of music: harmony (chords), rhythm (strumming) and melody (singing), and learn how to put it all together.

Step 1: Harmony - Figure out the chord progression.

Step 2: Rhythm - Apply the right strumming pattern.  

Step 3: Melody - First we sing it, then we pick it out!

Step 4: Loop it, drill it - Synchronize and memorize.  

For this class you will need to know: 

  • How to strum chords

  • Find and compare different notes by ear

  • Keep a steady beat


We will use well known songs and your favorites to help you tackle more and more songs on your own!


A positive and productive way to learn!
More than 50 years ago, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki realized the implications of

children learning their native language with ease and how children might learn to play music in the same way. In Tune is proud to offer violin an guitar lessons from teachers specialized in the Suzuki method.